Android TV Nvidia Shield Pro Integration unstabe

Hi all,

How do you guys control Android TV? I have a challenge to power on a sequence that includes Nvidia Shield. Harmony based switch on works perfect using Bluetooth based Integration. Unfolded Circle IP/API based approach does not see Shield as active most of the time for switch on. After it is switched on then controls work well.

I am still struggling to replace Harmony with Unfolded Circle completely…


Following this as I have a Shield Pro and a Remote Two being delivered this week. Had high hopes of ditching the Harmony.

Not with the current SW state… Would be curious to hear your experience, maybe the issue is just with my setup.
I have high hopes for Bluetooth support feature which should be still released this year as this is the current approach Harmony uses.

Yes, I too am waiting for Shield Pro Bluetooth support and also IP integrations for my Pioneer (Onkyo) AVR, LG TV and Sky Q box.

I can control them all through Home Assistant, after setting up dozens of scripts, but it is cumbersome and laggy.

I cannot, at present, unleash the Remote 2 onto the family.