Android TV Integration: Now Playing

Is the Android TV integration already supposed to show what’s playing? It correctly detects which app is running (Netflix, Plex, etc.) and I can switch between the apps, but it just shows “Unknown” instead of the currently playing movie/show.

ADB is enabled on the TV.

I’m on 1.7.10 and Android TV integration 0.5.0.

I can see what’s playing via the Android TV integration in Home Assistant and I can pull that as a device into the remote, but then I have 2 devices showing: one that gives me the “Now Playing” status and one that actually controls the TV.

Android integration does not use ADB but remote service . ADB is not enabled by default and is aimed for developers, and commands are slowly processed.
Besides you won’t get more information through ADB about now playing, only the running app AFAIK. This is an annoying limit of android tv platform against AppleTV which is quite complete (media title, media art…)

I see. Well I need ADB for for Home Assistant. And with ADB, Home Assistant actually does give me currently playing media, at least for some apps. It’s working correctly with Plex, Disney+ also reports some data (though not everything). Kodi as well. Only the Netflix app doesn’t report what’s playing.

About Kodi I just made a kodi integration that you can use in conjunction of androidtv integration and you will get much more features including media info.

Adb is unusable as a remote control (too slow) but may bring the missing now playing feature : you could add media player entity from home assistant that uses adb

ADB together with remote service would have the advantage that you have much more control. Best example my Philips AndroidTV TV. With ADB I am able to change inputs and also sound output (TV speaker, SP/DIF, RCA or ARC) and more like Ambilight. Upto now I did not really find a solution with remote services.

I think I must mainly blame Philips (TP Vision) here because at least input commands are defined as remote commands. They also cheat with their remote. You can pair it through BlueTooth but some commands are still send as IR.