Allente 1, KAON BCM72180 PVR

What´s left to do?

I have in my setup one satellite reciever as in the header. It´s Android powered so I was thrilled to see that it was possible to merge that entity in integrations.

But… As an integration it really not show up as all the other remotes, and all commands are not functional. Apart from that several commands are missing as digits for example.

So, I just learned all codes from the remote. It all went smooth. But they do not work, even though the set-top box seem to react with the light at its front.

I have tried different Kaon codes from GlobalHeadache but none of them are working. Are there any Scandinavian people here that have solved this? I really don´t know what to try next…


Here are the learned codes:

Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_1,HEX,3 0x6170807F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_2,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_3,HEX,3 0x6170C03F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_4,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_5,HEX,3 0x6170A05F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_6,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_7,HEX,3 0x6170E01F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_8,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_9,HEX,3 0x6170906F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Digit_0,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,On/Off,HEX,3 0x617048B7
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Menu,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Cursor_up,HEX,3 0x6170D02F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Cursor_down,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Cursor_left,HEX,3 0x6170D827
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Cursor_right,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,OK,HEX,3 0x6170A857
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Back,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Play/Pause,HEX,3 0x6170C43B
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Rec,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Volume_up,HEX,3 0x6170B04F
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Volume_down,HEX,3
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Channel_up,HEX,3 0x617008F7
Custom - learned IR codes,Satellite,Channel_down,HEX,3

And (for example) digit four looks like this in the Web configurator:

This might help someone help me? :smiley:

So, I´ve learned that the Kaon set-top box can be handled by Technicolor S70CDS codes. So it might be double format capable.

Too bad I can´t seem to get a hold of the ir-codes online.