Added to waitlist 8/2022, still no email?

Am I correct in interpreting that folks who added later have already had the opportunity to buy?

I submitted my reservation on January 16th of '23 and just received my remote a couple weeks ago. So you may have a while yet to wait.

But, my hold was 5 months earlier. Unless I’m missing something.

So you’re saying that you placed a request in August of 2022? I didn’t know that reservations were being accepted at that time. Are you sure about your date?

ETA: Sorry, I see you did include the year in the subject title. You might send an email to the developers to confirm that you’re on the list. I’d suggest you forward the confirming email to them so that they know you’re legit.

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“ Hello, your Remote Two reservation was successful!”


Reserved mine on April 21st 2023, no mail though.
Hope they will send it out soon :slight_smile:

Hello medmondson,

did you receive your remote meanwhile?
I recieved this Email 7/22/2022 already, a month before you.
And not the remote…

Cheers, tiki

On Discord @marton posted that they intend to do something perhaps this week or early next week. So let´s wait a few days more.


Good news, thank you!

Nope. Ended up buying one from someone who wanted out, but 20 months on waitlist and nothing.