Activity on-sequence will just run if the activity is in "OFF" state

I have a problem with running the on-sequence of an activity. The on-sequence will just run if the state of the activity is “off”, but will not be executed if I call the activity again when the activity state is already “on”. This is for firmware version 1.4.3 and also for the brand new version 1.4.5 and it is the same within the new activity groups. What is wrong on my side, what do I have to configure that the on-sequence of an activity will always run if I call an activity?

An example:
I would like to switch back and forth between two activities (e.g. SAT-receiver and BluRay-player, both of which require the TV as a playback device) without switching the TV off each time. How have you solved this?

As already discussed on Discord until the activity groups power state logic is implemented switching between interdependent activities is only possible by turning one activity off and the other on. Starting with 1.4.5 you can already create the activity groups but they seem to have no other propose at the moment.

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Yes, it seems to be this way. We have to wait for the final implementation of activity groups.
Thank you for your response. :pray:

It’s possible i have the same case !

Sat =>
Sequence on : turn on tv, turn on sat, Switch off activity blu-ray
Off sequence : only turn off sat

Bluray =>
On sequence : turn on tv, turn on bluray, Switch off activity sat
Off sequence : only turn off bluray

Make a macro to turn off all your devices and affect the macro to power button

Et voilà :laughing:

An issue with my solution, when you call the macro « all off », the last activity stay on screen no way to back home with the macro. So you need to go home manually :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes, that was also my workflow for the last days.

I also noticed, that a macro which is called directly from the UI (not from inside an activity as a button) will not run automatically. For each command inside the macro you have to tap on a big square at the R2 display. So, this is not really useful.