Activity "On" and "Off" sequence problem?


There may be a bug in the implementation of the ON or OFF sequences of an activity. I only have 2 activities: watch TV and watch DVR. In the TV’s ON sequence it turns on the TV and set it to Tuner. When OFF it powers down the TV. For the DVR’s ON sequence it turns on the DVR and sets the TV to HDMI2. The DVR’s OFF sequence turns off the DVR. They both are in an Activity Group. I can switch between the two and the TV correctly switches inputs. Going into the DVR and it correctly turns on but going into the TV activity the DRV does not turn off.

I know there is discussion on whether the DVR really needs to turn off. But for now forget about that. In order to debug this issue I have a IR remote setup with a single IR command to toggle on or off an IR switch I use to power on different device which has nothing to do with the DVR or the TV. I put the toggle command in the TV’s ON and OFF sequence and when the TV powers on I can see the indicator on the IR switch change. But when I exit the TV (and the toggle should happen again!) nothing happens to the IR switch. So TV ON = toggle; TV OFF no toggle. However when I exit the TV activity altogether by hitting the hard Power button the toggle DOES occur.

There may be something wrong with the Activity Group logic that determines which commands to execute and which to ignore when switching back and forth between Activities.



P. S. I have 500 mS delays between all commands.

Have you seen this article? Last section on Future development and planned features might be of interest.

If you believe you have discovered a bug please open an issue on GitHub so the developers can review it.

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I have read that article which is why I think it might be a bug. And I have submitted a bug report along with images of very simple ON and OFF sequences where some of the commands in the OFF sequence do not execute but should have.

Does any device have a dedicated POWER_ON and POWER_OFF command? At the moment, a POWER_TOGGLE command doesn‘t turn off a device in an activity group. If the device doesen‘t have seperate off an on commands use the same code for POWER_OFF and POWER_ON.

2 additional remarks:

  1. The Off sequence is not executed, when switching activities. This will come in the next update
  2. Make sure, that in the acivity group to select the option “Turn unused devices off”

The power off sequence works fine at my place.
When switching activity the unused devices are turned to OFF, but only when with the POWER_OFF naming and withing the activity group option set to “Turn unused devices off"

Yes, but if you have other commands in the Off sequence, they are not executed in the moment.




FIrst a general comment. Aren’t ON and OFF sequences fundamental in using Activities? Shouldn’t executing ALL commands in an OFF sequence have been implemented earlier? Anyway, when can we expect the update?

My DVR only has a power toggle. I have 3 commands all set up with the same IR code for the power toggle: POWER_ON, POWER_OFF and POWR. I put POWER_OFF in the END sequence and I set “Turn unused devices off” to ALWAYS and it still does NOT turn the DVR off when I switch away from that activity. I also used POWER_ON in the ON sequence and it does NOT turn the DVR on. However if I have POWR in the ON sequence it DOES turn the DVR on.

So I think the command logic in the Activity Groups needs to have a hard look at the design.


Blockquote I have 3 commands all set up with the same IR code for the power toggle: POWER_ON, POWER_OFF and POWR.

Assuming the POWR command is the original toggle command: if you copy paste the IR code and create a new IR command with name POWER_ON, create a soft button on the screen and then select it your DVR should toggle between on and off. If it does not the command was most likely not copied correctly. Definitely does not sound as a problem with the activity group.


I had already made 3 soft buttons, one each for POWR, POWER_ON and POWER_OFF and have verified that all 3 can toggle the DVR’s power. Yet when I include POWER_ON in the ON sequence for the DVR activity the DVR does NOT turn on. But if I put POWR in the ON sequence for the activity the DVR DOES turn on. Strange but I tried it multiple times! So the group command logic may be interpreting something special with the POWER_ON command and possibly ignoring it.

Since its been stated that the OFF sequence commands will be enabled on the next release hopefully that release will also address my situation.


Odd. When you switch everything off and use the power_on in your on sequence will it then turn on? So from scratch, not from an already started activity


Yes, VERY ODD!! The way I have things set up I’m in the habit of turning the TV Activity on first and then going to the DVR Activity so I haven’t tried what you suggest. But I am curious so I will give it a try but it may not be until tomorrow some time. But I’ll post here to let you know.


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@gerryex: I don’t know when it will be implemented - I’m not from UC :wink:
Maybe this support document will help. Look at the bottom “future developments”"

Yep agreed. Patience it’s coming.


Anyone have any idea of when the update will be coming out to execute commands in the OFF sequences of Activities. I now have all of my IR devices set up with either supplied generic codes or Pronto learned codes and they all seem to be working pretty well.

My next step is to build up my Activities but I don’t believe its worthwhile until the OFF sequences are operational. So I’m just biding my time until that update comes out.



I’m very disappointed that the latest firmware doesn’t address the non-execution of OFF sequence commands in an Activity. It wasn’t mentioned in the release notes and I tried it anyway but it still didn’t work.

How is it possible to design an Activity without having the OFF sequence commands executed? Clearly having both ON and OFF sequences is designed into the system so why aren’t they both working?

Anyone know when it will be implemented?

Darn. I was REALLY hoping for progress here.

Branching logic and automation are fundamental to a remote control (from the early 2000s) and an expectation I should have been better investigating. I have 2 remotes and docks ready to open to add to the configuration, but was waiting on this.


Any word on when the OFF sequences will be operational?

This is a community forum, you need to contact UC.

Today got an e-mail from the GitHub bug report I submitted on the lack of OFF sequence execution. The e-mail stated that this is now in beta testing and will be released to the public in a few days. Good news!