Accessories - Cases, protectors, etc

Hi. Just wondering if any exist, or any planned, accessories for the remote such as a case or screen protector?

I think a nice grip or case would make this device better, considering how flat the back is. I wish it had more of a hump for your palm. Oh well. Just curious.

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I also noticed that the remote can slip out of your hand very easily if you are not holding it straight. Or maybe I am just holding it wrong…? :smiley:

I would rather the designers address important issues before they try taking more of our money, such as an instruction manual and fix plenty of stupid usability bugs.
Weve all waited long enough for this to arrive, right now its a pretty paperweight that I dont need more accessories for.

I mean, I entirely agree with that statement. I honestly thought that the remote would include a nice beefy manual. Or at least a dumb URL to one. But if this remote can meet it’s true potential, I would definitely purchase a grip or something. Meh

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At this stage of the product development cycle, accessories would be like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. It’s true that the ergonomics aren’t what they could be. It’s also true that the ergonomics of, for example, the standard Apple TV remote are improved with certain accessories (none provided by Apple afaik). Right now, top priority should be getting the platform fully working as intended, and getting users up to speed by providing some decent documentation.

While R2 runs (unfolded) circles around Logitech Harmony as far as build quality goes, Harmony is superior in ergonomics in many respects, especially the way it fits in the hand and the way buttons can be found by feel. I’ve owned many generations of Logitech mice and trackballs. They really get ergonomics. What they don’t get is that it’s really bad corporate citizenship to gobble up companies, then summarily drop the platform–first Squeezebox then Harmony.

I think it’s important to at least document any issues you may have with the remote. I don’t expect the UC team to delivery any grip/protector accessories in near future but if these things are not already on their backlog they now are and they certainly know that this will not have the highest priority.

I have an Elago silicone case for my Apple TV remote. It’s probably not the best available, but it does the job of greatly impeding it’s path through the sofa cushions when it falls. My point is, I think cases and other accessories are fertile ground for third party entrepreneurs. Anyone who uses a 3D printer could probably come up with something functional. I prefer that the UC team concentrate on applying their brains the size of small planets to coding and hardware–especially more IP based integrations for the things we use, and possibly improving the existing ones. That task alone should be enough to keep a small group of programmers busy for a while.

BTW is there a specific place for requesting integrations, or should this come under the general category of feature requests? It would be good for the developers to get a sense of what devices are popular with UC users–perhaps third party developers as well. I don’t see many such requests so far on this forum.

You can also add feature requests on GitHub: