AC power and IR features

Hi. So I just received my remote today. Hooray!! This device is really nice and well built. Wish it had better ergonomics, mainly a hump on the back or something, but I’m fine with it.

Anyhow, I haven’t started installing the hardware yet. Just charging the remote first before I tackle my plan of attack. I’m wondering a few things though, which I apologize if these questions have already been answered…

What is the recommended AC adapter for the dock? I honestly thought it was coming with a plug for power, not just a USB cable. Whoops. I’m in the U.S. FYI.

Does the actual remote have a built-in IR emitter? I’m seeing different answers about this online. If so, is that feature not available yet? For instance, can I simply point the remote at my Blu-ray player or whatever device that has a front IR sensor and send commands directly just like the original remote? My Harmony 2400 has this option of course. Can the unfolded be setup with specific signal output configurations?

I plan on hooking a lot more than two IR blasters. I’m hearing something about a weak signal from the dock. Am I going to run into issue using IR splitters? In my opinion, however, people with weak signals might be because they’re powering the dock from an inadequate USB port. Rather than an AC adapter.

Anyways, I’m so excited for this device. Can’t wait to implement it into my setup. Thanks!!

It has, but is not yet usable.

USB-C power input 5V min. 1.5 A.

Perfect. Thank you so much!! I do see the IR feature in the roadmap now. Appreciate the info.

Hi I just came across this port about the IR emitter from the remote. @z-master are you saying that currently the remote can’t control IR devices? So I cannot control another IR device in another room without the dock in the same room?

The internal ir emitter feature has been released as a preview function with the latest firmware update 1.5.2 2 weeks ago. You still have to activate it within the developer settings in the web configurator.

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Hi @kennymc.c thanks for the quick response. Yeah I see it but at the moment it emits only PRONTO codes and not HEX? I tried it without the dock without any success. When I moved the dock to the bedroom and point it to the TV projector it works.

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Have you also restarted the remote after the configuration change and set the ir output device of the projector remote entity to the internal remote emitter and not the dock? Right now there can only be one device that emits the ir signal.
But PRONTO codes actually seem to be the only code format that is supported by the internal emitter at the moment: Send IR codes from internal IR emitter in the remote · Issue #75 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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Thanks for the tip @kennymc.c ! I didn’t even know that option is there. It works now! Only thing is the remote IR range is not that good. An Android media box (Formuler Z8 Pro) located at the top of my bed (resting on the Acer TV projector) is not able to “see” the IR. So as a workaround, I use Android TV Remote Service to switch it off which is way better! Luckily the Acer Projector is able to see the IR code and switch off itself right from the Remote Two!

Now I am a happy user of the beautiful Remote Two :wink: