A General Question about Integration Setups

I’m still in the early stages with R2. For AppleTV and Roku I have successfully added integrations. But neither of these successful integrations come with IR codes, and neither appear as an “entity” (if I understand the language). So, I’m guessing, I would first have to create entities by creating “remotes” for both devices, yes? And I could download those code sets from a variety of sources, or I could go through the remote learning process, yes? [And while I’m on the subject, is there an advantage of using one source for IR codes versus another? For example, I have set up a Home Assistant site without really knowing much about it. Would accessing code sets from there be “better” in some way than, say, doing a hard download of the codes from a third-party site?]

So then, once the “remotes” are created, I’m guessing the next step is to create an “activity”. (But maybe the first step is to create a “page” under my “profile”.) And I’m guessing somewhere in this process I’ll have to map the hard buttons to specific devices, e.g., I’ll want my AVR to control volume and the AppleTV remote to control everything else. And maybe then I’ll have something I can test.

So my request is: if anyone has made this trek successfully and has pics or text or other resources they’d like to share, on- or off-line, I would be most grateful. For my part, I have read all of this site, most of the Discord site, some of the GitHub non-technical stuff, and just a taste of the Home Assistant setup info. All of the above questions remain, I’m afraid.

Thanks again.

These integrations will
Use network control. Not IR.

After you’ve added the Integrations, you will see them available in the [Activities & macros] section on the Confgiruator.

Create an [Activity] (watch Apple TV, for example) and then you will see those integrations in your Entities listing. The Entities listing will be on the far right of the screen when creating the Activity.

Add the Entity (Apple TV) to your Activity, and then you will be able to control that device/integration when the Activity is turned on.

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you still need some assistance.

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Yep. Just to add for more clarification, integrations are IP-based (network) ONLY type of “devices”. They do not use IR at all. IR devices are under the “remotes” section only and use the IR emitters, which you can also define if it’s blasted via hub only, blasters, or all. The remote has IR as well, but it’s not working yet. When you add an Integration, it will be available in the far right, which is added to the middle. That is your “device”, which you can then utilize in an activity, macro, etc.

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