4 colored buttons

I am using the 4 colored buttons on my Enigma2 remote a lot. There are no physical colored buttons on the Remote 3. Does the Remote 3 support the 4 colored buttons on the screen?

You can make your own?

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Oh that’s great!

Where did you find the colorful dots? We’ll get a link for us.

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It’s just custom icons, I put them here for download: https://www.cp-geek.com/files/colors.zip

These icons are not default?

No, need to add them yourself.

I understand. They should be default in the remote.

The color-buttons are in R2, they won’t be in R3. I just added them to touchscreen in this one activity since I use the hardware-buttons to something else.

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Thanks for the link

Good idea. When I navigate with the direction button I often hit accidentally the color buttons. I changed them now in all my activities also to left and right and where I need them I put your images on the screen.

Another positiv thing is that I do not have to change anything when the R3 is there :rofl:


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BTW @HarmonyFan , thanks for the tip to reprogram the color buttons! I’ve tried to retrain my fingers NOT to seek out button “bumps”, but they still fail me from time to time.

If I were R2, I would have put the bumps on the compass points, not the corners.

Again, thanks.

Looks the R3 is removing the color buttons all together? :frowning: I really wish they would add another row of customizable buttons at the bottom.


I feel like they should add a number pad at the bottom and have it easily customizable to replicate the color buttons.

I would agree. I know it’ll look more busy, but I think it could really use more buttons numbers or otherwise that can be customizable.

I’d be good with just one extra row so you could customize something for each device you’re controlling.

At least you can add a screen for the number pad that I don’t think I would use as much along with a text touchpad.

Maybe they can delay the project till sometime next year and make it customizable. :slight_smile:

@TeroS , on your number pad above, the icons are elegantly overlapped. Nice touch. Did “Elisa” have comething to do with those? Care to share a link where we can get a set?


Since that’s the web-gui it shows a bit different than on remote, you may want to resize the actual button (inside the 90x90px pic) if you use 4-wide configuration. Elisa does nothing there.