3D printed wall mounted dock

I found the dock to be quite large and my cats accidentally knocked the remote out of it multiple times, so I designed a little wall mount for the remote to charge in.

There’s two pogo pins inside that are directly wired to a USB cable that goes in a 5v adapter.



Very nicely done, great solution. Have you posted the STL and instructions anywhere, eg printables.com.

This opens up lots of options for for making shock resistant cases for the remote with a custom dock that it fits in.

Great, I would like the same but as a stand, not wall mounted in order to put the dock inside the devices cabinet. This would avoid to buy another dock and anyway this is not possible at this state

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Please share the STL somewhere :pray:

I’ve uploaded the model on Printables, not sure if it’s any use since I just reiterated until it fit my parts but feel free to tweak :slight_smile:



Don’t know how to 3D print but would gladly pay someone to make a solid table based dock version to use by the couch for charging and keep the original dock near my equipment for IR blasts. I emailed support about buying an extra dock and Martin said it’s in the plans for sometime later in the year and will be around $100. Have to imagine someone with 3D printing expertise here could do it for a lot less.

Thank you! :+1:

I thought from the beginning–since long before I got my remote–that combining the charging dock and IR hub was a sub-optimal design decision, but one with many possible work arounds. This is certainly one. Note that since the charging contacts on the remote appear to be symmetrically placed, any design like this should include a key to prevent inserting it the wrong way.

That’s a reasonable assumption. Without the IR hub, all that’s left is something to hold the remote and make contact. Would it even include a power supply? The original dock didn’t, that was extra.

I don’t 3d print (yet) but I can see banging one out from a wooden block and router. Dimensions shouldn’t be that critical for hygroscopy to be an issue. But as I said, must include some sort of one way key. I’d prefer something like the Harmony charging cradle, but can’t think of an easy way to prevent wrong way insertion.