Two Remotes in One Room? Latest Lack of Stateless Issue

I was just brave enough, after buying a new Samsung TV, to set up a second remote in the family room for my wife to use more easily.

The latest issue in stateful remotes is shutting things off. You have to jump to the right remote or go through starting up the remote to shut it down. The fix state dialogue just makes it worse.

It would be great to have real stateless modes finally. PLEASE.

Any alternate approaches appreciated.

Stateless is not a thing a remote can do alone. For instance if a device only has a power toggle stateless is impossible. You can test if your device has separate on/off commands which only do what their name says and then use only these in activities. For Samsung I know that they had separate commands for inputs I am not sure for power. Sometimes an input command can work as power on but not as power off and can be a help.


The issue is not the end device. Have discrete codes that work fine. The issue is the remote. I can have a button which tirns off the receiver and turns off the screen. Easy. The problem is the remote tracking state so if I turn on an activity on one remote, i cant turn it off on a 2nd remote in the room without both remotes being “confused” one thinks it off whovh is totally usefel in stateless, and one try to turn in a device when the off button is fine.

The question is stateless on the remote. I do not want to fix state every time I statt an activity that a srcond remote is not sunchronized. I end up having to reboot a device to reset one of the remotes sometimes. Idiotic.

I know this a Harminy way of business, but it impedes simplicity if tirning on and off devices.

Does anyone successfully use two remotes in one room?

Why not use the profile function? One profile for the family, one for the more advanced users in the house. This may eliminate the issue of trying to sync the activities between two different remotes. With two remotes, i wonder through Home Assistant you could set up automations that as one remote triggers an activity it starts the activity on the second remote?

I guess it could be implemented for IP devices (which already report state) and maybe for bluetooth (not sure) but for IR devices I don’t understand how it could be done with 2 remotes. Remotes do work independently from each other, even if you configure them the same, activities states are handled on each remote. What you ask for is more like a centralized system handled from a hub.

I would be happy with discrete events to function independently vs a hub. A stateless remote will allow discrete events to function. The issue is tracking state, and synchronizing. I want two remotes to be able to work in the same room WITHout tracking state.


If Im using the remote just as a front end to the HA and ignore activities. Worth trying. Having to fix state is about to cause more marital issues than it works. After man months of effort, rigged ir repeaters, separate dock like transmitters, HA, new router, I really (stupidly) did not predict the impact of a remote changing people behavior vs the other way around. It should be able to shut it off.

Re-reading, I have had to du,mb down the remote already as the ability to edit is ardouous with many remotes and activities. I used to have versions of two rooms on each remote which I needed to strip.

But the indirect idea to not depend on activities is attractive EXCEPT there really is no way to jump menus, basic stuff from decades old Pronto remotes.

The goal to be Harmony like, which also had the frustratingly maddening fix state issues all the time, seems to be the forced paradigm without a graceful way to just turn it off.

Editing was not easy either on harmony remotes and so slow. It was not really stateless either as you couldn’t have multiple remotes for the same hub (that carried the logic)
One thing missing from harmony is a step by step setup for new activities to automatically assign buttons :

  • Volume and mute buttons assignment when you select the entity controlling volume
  • Direction pad and playback buttons assignment when you select the “main” entity (from selection of media player entity, IR device or upcoming BT device)
  • Input source selection in startup

It should be possible in the future as the software handles “features” for each entity type and could assign buttons according to available features for a given entity. For IR device it could be done while normalizing command names.

I have started to work on a separate tool on my github that works (sort of) but I am not satisfied with the result and it is not integrated in the remote so not very practical : automatic buttons mapping for media player entities, copy/paste activities and replace the entity by another with the same commands mapping…

Very cool. Looking forward to your progress.

Harmony was able to support 2 remotes on 1 hub but only very limited. I must be 1 with and 1 without display and in addition a keyboard could be paired.

The R2 seems to be also prepared for automatic button assignment but for now only for the devices not activities as it looks.