IR configuration

I am afraid we need a fix for the dock IR weakness. Not only the signal is weak, but it also seems to be noised.
I tested with an IRTrans receiver which logs IR commands received and decoded.

  • When sending Microsoft MCE commands from my Neeo, my old Nevo S70 or another IRTrans device, they are perfectly decoded, even at 7-8 m from the receiver.
  • When sending the same command from the YIO2, placing the dock at 1 m in front of the receiver, I just get messy reception and decoding. Sometimes I get the expected command twice, sometimes I get uninterpreted IR sequences, sometimes I get the expected command + uninterpreted IR noise… but I never receive the clean expected command.

This makes the YIO2 remote totally useless at this point.

If IR is not usable, we need a way to “transmit” the commands from the remote (and the events such as navigation) over IP (MQTT sending JSON messages would be a must) so we can interface with our working IRTrans devices, USB-UIRT, Neeo brain or any home automation system that will forward these commands to alternative but working IR emitters.

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