How to select a command that is not shown in the list

Hi everybody, I created an activity with several entities. One of the entities is the Microsoft MCE Media Center (Keyboard) which I first added as a remote. When I add a text button to the activity and want to add the command ‘C’ from the MCE Media Center (Keyboard) I can’t select it. Searching for ‘C’ shows a number of commands but not the one I want. Searching for MCE will list just commands from the MCE Media Center (Keyboard) but the last entry of the list is ‘B’. I could not figure out how to scroll down in that list and since this entity is a fixed set I could not change the name of ‘C’ to force it the visible part of the list by using a longer name than ‘C’. I hope somebody knows a way to scroll through the search results.

You can check if you have send_cmd and then it might also be possible to send a command not in the list.

Issue is solved by using a mouse with a scroll wheel. Move the mousepointer to hover above the list and then use the scroll wheel to move the list.