How to edit an "Entity" that was installed via the Integrations section?

So I have an NVIDIA SHIELD TV which looks like the best I can hope for currently is the Android TV integration. Seems to work (basic navigation) but if I want to edit this “entity”, I cant see any obvious way without going through the “Start Integration Setup” again - is this correct?
Seems like bad logic if this is the case.

Also, I mentioned this only gives me basic controls - for example, when using YouTube inside the ShieldTV, you can long press on the enter/OK button on the supplied Shield remote or my existing Harmony, while hovering over a video thumbnail and of course add a video to a playlist/watch later (something I use with regularity) but I cannot see any option in the web configurator to change the function of this battion on the Remote Two from doing anything other than a quick button press (which in the example above just starts the video)


To map buttons or add you own user interface components you have to add the integration entity to an activity. This is different from an ir remote where you can also do this for the entity itself.
Long and double press is currently not supported for any integration. There is an existing ticket for the Android TV integration: Android TV long press · Issue #90 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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