How do I get rid of this message?

Please see the image.
I have an Activity - “Watch FTA TV” which works fine, however what is rather annoying is the message at the top of this screen after the activity has run (Watch FTA TV). I can see why its here (to access direct entities involved in the macro), but as I have mapped channels and buttons to the hard buttons, I have no need. Is there a way this message can be disabled as its rather annoying!

I also would like to see the main UI top bar as a default in the activity ui since it shows the battery, network and integration status and the current time. If you need to correct a status this bar could be swiped down from the top. The x button should be there all the time to go back to the main ui.
But I don’t think there is a way to hide this bar at the moment. You could create a feature request for this on GitHub. At least the bottom bar in the main ui you see when an activity is running or media is played should theoretically be hidden when you swipe it down according to one of the developers but this doesn’t work for me and other people too.

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