Holding down volume hard buttons - IR pulsing behaviour

Everything is working pretty well, enjoying the tinkering process, several activities and devices configured.

The problem I have is that changing the volume rapidly on my Pioneer VSX-LX305 AV receiver is not possible. Holding down the hard volume control buttons on the R2 slowly changes the volume. In situations where the volume is suddenly too loud, it can take 20 seconds or more to get it down to a tolerable level.

I have noticed a behaviour when holding down the hard buttons in that they are not sending out a continuous repeating stream of IR. It seems to pulse on for about half a second and then very briefly stops, like a 10th of a second or so, then pulses for another half second and keeps going in that pattern.

I can “see” the IR due to one of my extender IR blasters having a tell tale visible LED on it. I tried using a code from another device to see if this pattern is the same. When I use a volume IR code for my LG G1 TV, the pulsing is slower, maybe half the speed, which makes me think the R2 dock might be sending out a set number of repeats when holding down a hard button and then pausing momentarily before sending out another block.

I think that the Pioneer must be configured to rapidly change the volume if it sees a continuous stream of the same IR code with no interrupts. If I use my Harmony Elite, it doesn’t exhibit this pulsing behaviour allowing the Pioneer to rapidly change volume.

Interestingly, if I configure the volume down button using the “SEND COMMAND” option, specify the volume down for the pioneer and tell it to do 20 repeats, it send out a continuous stream, with just one press and the rapid volume change kicks in. This was just a test, not a practical solution.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?


Yamaha pre-amp and no such thing with the Harmony Elite. With Harmony, volume changes starts slow and accelerates if I keep holding the button.

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Same behavior exhibited on the Anthem AVM-90. I find it faster to repeatedly press the hard button and oscillate quickly. I wish the “button hold” worked more effectively as well.

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This seems to be a general problem with the inter command timing that also happens with integrations as discussed here: Send IR commands continously when a button is held down. · Issue #157 · unfoldedcircle/feature-and-bug-tracker · GitHub

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@kennymc.c Thanks for that link, I added my comment in.