HA Entity in Activity?

Maybe I’m doing this wrong, but I just can’t seem to get a HA command to dim my lights on the ‘Movie’ activity. Everything works in the power-up and input selection sequence, same with power-down/off. But I just don’t see how to dim the lights. an someone help?

On a side note, I find the remote often very slow to respond to commands after a wakeup - for instance to hit ‘pause’ - and also frequently doesn’t connect to HA. Is there a fix for this?

The only current workaround for the long pause after wake is to not let the remote go to sleep. There a setting in the activity setup that lets you have that activity keep the remote awake.

It’s a crappy workaround, and it means my remote, at best, gets about 8 hours on the battery, but it’s the only thing I’ve tried or seen here in the forum that works.