Focus on setup and IR codes

Firstly, I love the Remote Two. The build quality is amazing, the screen and controls are very well thought out. This is a massive step up from the Harmony Elite which it is replacing, as a device…

One of the best things about the Harmony was how easy it was setup. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but the fundamentals worked well. I am very technical, and setting up the integrations on the Remote Two is (mostly) a breeze. However, the primary function of a universal remote is IR codes, and the ability to quickly configure your existing equipment to replace other IR remotes. The smart home functionality is a game-changer and very welcome, but getting the basics working first is critical. This is not (just) a moan, but some hopefully welcome recommendations:

  • IR setup needs to be possible via the remote, not just the web interface.
  • A setup “Wizard” would be invaluable. The Logitech Harmony has been discontinued, so taking some cues (not all) from their setup process would be useful.
  • The IR database needs to be a lot more complete. There are lots of publicly available databases that I believe could be imported to reduce the effort required to reach maximum compatibility. I don’t have a particularly rare set of devices, but so far it has failed to find most of them.

Now I have the device (two of them) I am really keen to start using the Remote Two’s as my primary devices, which the above issues are making pretty challenging at the moment.

Happy to test, and will continue to offer suggestions on how to improve this brilliant device.

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To add to the above:

  • Ability to use the web configurator on your mobile. This would make the wait for more functionality directly on the remote easier too. This is also essential when the web configurator is no where near the device, and you need to learn IR codes.
  • Ability to move the position of the cursor when editing text on the remote. It is infuriating when you need to edit text and have to delete everything and re-type.

I remember that a setup wizard was already mentioned in the knowledge database as a potential planned feature.
Regarding the ir database - What devices are you looking for? Remember that you should not search by individual model numbers, but rather by manufacturer and device class, as most classes from the same manufacturer use these same codes.
Simply integrating the codes from publicly available databases will probably be not as easy as you imagine if you integrate them into a product that you also want to sell and make a profit with. You can probably buy a license for some of them but they could be quite expensive. I think the import and teach-in function is currently a good compromise solution. If I haven’t found anything, I’ve always used the codes from Global Cache: Control Tower IR Database
Instructions for importing complete code sets from there can be found here in the forum or in the chat on Discord.

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Thanks @kennymc.c. Appreciate the tips. It’s a great product and expect it will only get better. I will see if I can the databases I was referring to, as it’s been a long time since I did this with previous setups.

I have to say that when I started this the day after Christmas I thought I’d never figure it out.

That said, by today, December 30, I have it all set up for my activities and devices and it’s working really well.

Two notes:

Sometimes after making changes, you have to reboot the remote two to put the changes into effect.

If you are using a MacBook Air to use the web configurator, you have to have the window completely open (green circle on Macbook) or you don’t get the save button when configuring custom buttons.

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