Any idea on avoiding "state"?


I use discrete codes for all my power/input so state is unimportant (and, with the current software limitations, a usability barrier).

Is there a way of having the power on sequence fire every time I change to an activity? I can obviously do it through a macro, but don’t know how to get that macro to fire from the home screen and take me to my “remote”.


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This would help me immensely.

I finally have IR remotes and outputs mapped (non-intuitive) and can’t figure out how to build a main screen with buttons to get to stuff, but I wanted remote to mirror my later URC programables, even if I had to add delays and repeat the discrete a couple of times.

The downside of state and new activities to fix state is a needless complication (for me).

That said even with the helpful discord extracted doc (thank you VERY much), I’m baffled.

The latest firmware update addresses state (in an odd way for those of us used to programming URC remotes). If you create an “Activity Group” with your watching activities (mine are Cable, Apple TV, Google TV, and Xbox) then state functionally works.

I would still prefer stateless but this works at least and swaps inputs properly.

Well, even in activity groups it remains absurd that on states are tracked and behavior switches to new remotes without those remotes active, ie buttons non-functional after laboriously creating new pages with the same UI as the remotes with constant fear of resets to switch pages.

There needs to be a way to eliminate state ridiculousness.