Another Stateful conundrum, shutting everything off. Help

Another PITA effort of getting family acceptance is having to train them to work for the remote vs the other way.

Even with activity groups, if something is listed as on, despite the fact that it is off, you need to select it (it is still off) then use the had on/off toggle button to shut it off so you can then turn it on.

I have to check state and turn things off so when others tough the devioe it actually tiurns on. So I’m training myself to be the nanny of the remote so I can work for it.

Help. Is there a way/macro/something to turn off all devices and show the correct state so it turns on when the device is selected so it should work???


I have all of my devices list on their own page, so I can go into them at any time for whatever reason. When something is ON, the state of the device should reflect this. However, that doesn’t currently work for IR devices/remotes I don’t think. You also must be “in” the running activity to turn it off if you want to use the bottom right power button. Sometimes the d pad works, but usually not.

Either way, I also have a macro that I created before the implementation of power state functionality via activity group. It’s just a dummy macro that essentially “kills” everything… regardless of what activity might be running. Macros can be programmed with anything for the most part, and then you can place it on any screen.

Similarly I have a kill evey thing macrp on every page and an on macro pn every device page. You have to use the on macro despite an activity saying it is on as an activity. And when I use the kill everything macro it does not chane the state of any activity, even though it is off.

It is not a nuance of the unreliability of IT commands because I have always used delaus to refire an on or off. It is the frustrating behavior of the remote doing certain things or more often mot because it is teacking state and making remote operations complicated and non-intuitive.

I’m thinking of jumping to Allinos because you can set a dummy state IF you need to track ot all.

How about that for a feature?